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Disney Shape - Book Library
Publisher : Indian Express Egmont
Author : Disney
Price : Rs.80/-
Publication Date : July 2000
Royal Bengal Tiger In The 21st Centuty
Publisher : Vision Publication
Author : Prasun Mukherjee
Price : Rs. 50/-
Publication Date : July 2000
AIDS Education In School
Publihser : Vikas Publications
Author : R M Karla
Price : Rs. 135/-
Publication Date : July 2000
Shock Marketing
Publisher : Vikas Publications
Author : Joe Marconi
Price : Rs. 450/-
Cover : Paperback

The Synthesis of Yoga
Publisher : Vikash Publications
Author :
Price : Rs. 300/-
Cover : Hardbound
The Walt Disney Treasure Chest
Publisher :Indian Express Egmont
Author :
Price : Rs. 195/-
Cover : Paperback
  The title in the spotlight fo rthe week is Madhuban Publications' PUZZLE YOUR WAY THROUGH INDIAN MYTHOLOGY by Dr. Lalita Ramakrishna. In this book, three growing children in the USA and their grandmother rediscover Indian mythology through word searches, puzzles, crosswords and other 'fun'-tastic activities.
  Calling iq option Nigeria all children from age 1 to 16 - pick a copy of your favourite book at special prices. Everything from classics, horror and mysteries, fairy tales, wild life and nature books, to science, reference, comics and groovy activity titles are available at discounted rates this month. So, rush for your booty now!
  The Publisher of this month is Vikas Publications, who are famous for their children's titles.
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  Arthur Conan Doyal
Authur Conan Doyal, born in 1859, Edinburgh, Scoland and died in 1930, Crowborough, Sussex, England. Doyal came from an aristocratic and intellectual Irish family. He was mainly brought up in Jesuit ..
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