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Merikitaab.com was born out of sleepless nights, endless cups of coffee, and months in labour. A team of seven in a hideout in Calcutta toiled with the idea of creating a book portal with a difference. Overdosed with the Amazons and Barnes and Nobles of the world, they wanted a simpler, a more 'Indian' site, with entertaining add-ons that could interest intellectuals and dunces alike. The result was this many-headed hydra, a 'happening' mall of thought and activity.

We also sell books

The bigger picture incorporates a quasi Publishers and Booksellers Association, where every participant in the book trade, from publishers and sellers to authors and buyers, are afforded a virtual mall at our site. There is something for everyone here.
Publisher of the Month highlights a chosen name from the industry every month.
· Become a writer at My First Book.
· Win prizes at Comp-E-tition.
· Send book cards to your loved ones.
· Participate in virtual book fairs at our E-vents section.
· Create your mini library in My Page.
· Get a preview of books in the pipeline at Forthcoming Releases.
· Learn about the history of the book in Book Tale.
· Exchange your old books at Book Barter.
· Devour quotations by ze famous intellectuals of book history.

The A-Team

Mahesh, the helmsman of the book portal with a difference is a 20 years old commerce student, a workaholic, who possibly ventured on his first project the minute he was born. Then there are Sipan and Puja, the talented designers, and able-bodied Vishal, the dictator on a perpetual speed trip, assisted by the beautiful belles Neha, Nitu and Neena and a number of scribes, who make slogging a lot of fun. Last but not the least, there is Sajal, Dipankar and Biswajit, the programmers, without whom this portal would have remained an idea.

Together we can…..

To cut a long story short, we have tried making this a happening and interactive nucleus of thought and commerce, and invite your help and participation to take this further down the road.

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