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Unleash the resident writer in you!

If you are an underground Kafka, a Pablo Neruda in exile, an undiscovered Vikram Seth, or an Arundhati Roy in the making, come to us with your gift. Ask, and it shall be given, seek and you shall find in us a godmother, a patron, a good samaritan. In three easy steps, your manuscript can visit the press, and your genius can become a household name all over the literary world. Brace yourself to hit the limelight!

Step one
Send us your talent, read manuscript, in a zipped file, along with a short blurb about yourself and reviews of your past and present work. A reference or two from academicians and eggheads can also be handy.

Step two
Choose the honchos of Indian publishing you want to send your manuscript to. Ours is a long list, and you can select one or all of them. A word of advice - choose your publisher according to your genre of work.

Step three
While we dispatch your zipped manuscript to the chosen publishers, and they send you the acceptance letter, you can take a break at the Bahamas, or scribble some more in your garret.

Although the publishers' decision is final, and we exercise no influence on their picks, E-AUTHORS is the quickest way of reaching all the dons of Indian publishing at a go. This is an absolutely free service, and with your kind of aptitude, and a little prayer from us, the Booker Prize can well be yours!

For further information about the publishers or this concept, mail us at…………………………

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