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Dear parents and children, if you are tired of the heat and each other's company this summer, we have the solution for you right here. Buy a hammock, borrow a sombrero, get your shades out, and cuddle up with a book in your backyard. What better way to spend this summer than hiding behind the cool shade of your favourite story! And to make matters even better, merikitaab.com has thoughtfully offered a cushy discount on all children's titles.

Everybody, from age 1 to age 16 is invited to buy from our wide selection. You can choose from our classics, horror and mysteries, fairy tales, wild life and nature books, science, reference and groovy activity titles. Have fun with ABC, or set sail with Gulliver's Travels, learn about flowers and butterflies or crack the Sign Of Four with Sherlock Holmes, kiss the frog prince or discover the 'Treasure' in the 'Island' - things cannot get better! There are also Barbie Packs and Tarzan knapsacks to make your day, along with the latest from 'A Bug's Life' and '101 Dalmatians' - all, at a discounted rate! So, hurry and check the children's section from the search/browse option.

We know it is too hot for Christmas, but anything is possible in this virtual world!

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