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Dear Publisher ,

Merikitaab.com is a book portal, yes. But that is where its resemblance with the other book portals end. No hee-hawing, we will tell you the difference right away, and it definitely helps getting it from the horse's mouth. We are all aware of the existence of the Indian Publishers and Booksellers Guild, the venerable body that organizes the book fairs every year in our cities, besides much else. There was unfortunately no equivalent of this on the worldwide web, and that is where we came in with our expertise. Our portal is a virtual mall for writers, readers, publishers, editors, printers, distributors, retailers, and everybody in the book trade, virtual or otherwise. It aspires to be a nucleus of activity, with the publishers as the axis where the wheel turns. Dear publishers, that is where your contribution becomes seminal, and without your help, our vision will be left impaired and incomplete.

I will begin by delineating some of the singular activities that our site has envisaged.

  • · Book Trade - Our inventory comprises publication by various publishers, neatly categorized according to their respective subjects. These are sold to retailers, distributors and readers the world over, both involving a simple cheque transaction, as well as credit card acceptance.

  • · Publisher of the Month - This section highlights a publisher for a month. It contains particulars about the firm, its inception, its contribution in the field of publishing, its niche, the authors and works it has published etc. This space is yours, dear publisher, and you can use your discretion in detailing information that you would like to include for your publicity the world over.

  • · Comp-E-tition - This section holds competitions every month, and the publisher of the month sponsors this event. The competitions, in turn, are neatly tied-in with the books in the Spotlight, also titles from the inventory of the Publisher of the Month. Everything, from simple to bizarre, trivia, poetry, story or travelogue writing, crosswords, reviews, book cover designs etc. are schemes for the competitions. The prizes are declared by the Publisher of the Month, and they can be anything from books, to gift coupons, or discount coupons on certain titles, and even publication of the best poetry or review in the publisher's newsletter.

  • · Spotlight - Four titles a month with a single title every week is on focus in this section. Needless to say, the titles are chosen from the inventory of the Publisher of the Month. Reviews and excerpts of the books covered help promote it.

  • · Forthcoming Books - This section informs the worldwide audience of books in the pipeline. The title of the book, the author, a one-line description of the subject, and a probable releasing date of the same are included. This acts as a hassle-free and economical worldwide launch for new releases.

  • · Book News - A section that contains the latest news from the publishing world, new titles, new writers, awards, launches, exhibitions and events - hence, a free advertisement slot for the publishers.

  • · E-Authors - Established and aspiring writers all over the world send us manuscripts, along with their resume, reviews of their past and present work, and references. All this is then forwarded to all the publishers, who in turn, go through the manuscript, and if accepted, inform us. This is a quick and easy way of bringing the writers and publishers closer.

  • In short, our web site provides ample advertising scope and space for the publishers, where they can not only promote their work, but reach out to readers, retailers and distributors, other publishers for tie-ups and collaborations and last but not the least, the authors themselves.

    We will be very grateful if you participate in this novel vision and help us with your much-needed support.

    Looking forward to your valuable suggestions regarding the same.

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